Summer Views

Flowers, scenery, warm weather.  Living things, growth, greenery.

Summer is not my favorite season.  I am not a fan of hot, humid weather (something we’ve had in abundance this year in the Midwest).  But I did find beauty in the visual and tried to capture some of those moments whenever I had my camera with me.

After going through all my photos from this summer, here are some of my favorites, spanning from June through August.


PS- This Queen Anne’s lace is a preview of what you will read in the next post…

Meet the Lambs — Finn and Nora

Here they are, in all their fuzzy little cuteness!

Finn and Nora are twins, born right before Easter 2018.  They both are dark-fleeced with a bit of tan markings, but now the fleece has covered any lighter coloring.  In the early photos, Finn has the most tan and white on his face, Nora not so much.  Gradually, it gets harder to tell them apart.  Thankfully, the longer I’ve known them, their personalities stand out more than their fleece color.  They love to prance around at dusk and leap off of straw bales.  They are now eating hay and grass as they are slowly weaning off.  Mum likes to keep tabs on them to make sure they are behaving.  Penny is like the fun aunt they hang out with, but sometimes leads them in mischief.  Finn likes to make little hmmm noises like he’s humming.  Nora is quiet like Freya.  It has been such a joy watching them grow and soon they will be six months old.

just a couple hours old
exploring the March weather


Finn loved his chin scratched
Nora does too, but is camera shy


5 months later
getting closer to full grown
can you guess who?
with Auntie Penny


Winter Views

Snow gently falling, catching onto the evergreen trees and slowly covering the bland ground…ponds freezing over…fireplaces burning bright and warm.

I love looking at pictures of winter and imagining the aesthetic of a pleasant snowfall—ice skating, snowy parks, cozy knitted woolens, even shoveling sounds appealing in the beginning of the season.

But after a few months of driving in snow, slipping on ice and falling in poo (yes, that happened), and bundling up until I look like the little brother in A Christmas Story every time I step out the door, the shine has worn off and I’m wishing for winter to end and dreaming of spring.

Well, it’s not spring here in the Midwest and it won’t be for some time yet.

So, I thought I’d look through my photos that I took this winter and share some of the beauty of the season.





The ducks never seem to mind the snow!  But do not expect to see any chicken photos in this post.  They stay inside their covered run.


Hadley the Great Pyrenees pup loves the snow.  Less than a year old still,  this is her first winter.  She’s super fluffy with her thick white winter coat and seems to thrive in what I consider to be rather chilly weather.  She has a grand old time playing in the snow too.  While she’s in mid-run, she puts her face down to the ground and scoops up fresh snow for a drink on the go.  So far we haven’t had any predator problems, thanks to her watchfulness.  In her spare time, Hadley likes to go sledding with the kids.


The sheep have no problem sitting outside of their shelter during the snowfalls.  The snow just collects on their backs, and doesn’t even melt off because their bodies are so insulated by wool.  I’m the one who brushes it off if there’s one too many inches piled up on top of them.  There was one day when Penny (the brown one) was so snowy that I had to look closely to tell her apart from the others.


Maybe it’s the little things.


12-29-16 038mmm


This last photo is looking out my bedroom window.  I recently created a new Pinterest board for photographs of views from windows.  That pin board has no purpose other than letting me save pictures that I find beautiful.  I realized that most of them are in a spring setting, which is probably showing where my subconscious wants to be.  But when I stop to think about it, I already have a great view outside my own window.  Sweet animals, cheerful yellow chicken coop, lots of snow-covered trees are what I see at the moment.

These few photos are my views that I found amidst the dreary long winter.

But I had to look for them before I was able to see them.